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All the activities of control run in keeping the rules of hygiene and public health with a professional scope against pests such as the rodent control, the insects control, the disinfection, the pigeon control, and so on... for more information

All the activities of pest control (insects, and so on.) practised by private individuals in their residential area, indoor and outdoor for the hygiene of their living environment, and their body hygiene (shampoo, anti-lice, repulsive creams, etc.)... for mor information

Any activity relative to the use or to the manufacturing of ectoparasiticide products for human use (shampoo / lotion anti-lice, repulsive creams / lotions, and so on) and for animals (anti-fleas, anti-ticks) and their environment (blankets for cats baskets and niches for dogs, etc.)... for more information

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Welcome to Envirochem website

Envirochem offers a large range of biocides products dedicated for industrials and professionals.

This range of products consists mainly of insecticides and rodenticides including active substances and formulated products with favourable toxicological and environmentally friendly profiles.

Carefully selected and developed in order to fulfil the European Biocide Directive our products enable to fit with formulations and uses in the various areas of the “Environmental Health”.

Domestic Hygiene
Public Hygiene
Parapharmacy and Veterinary
Material preservation (textiles and other material)

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